Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16 Saturday

6.10-6.25 Padmasana/Mantra
Eager to go outside and take a walk

Taught Qi-Gong: 2 more students.  Result from sigil drawn on 6/14.

1.00 pm Bornless Ritual (Liber Samekh)
Sunny nice
ceiling fan on
Candle (white) lit in front of a statue of Kali
Seated with book
Drew circle with finger
Kabbalistic Cross for banishing
Drew pentacles in all four corners, imagined them spinning around me
Recited ritual
As I was reciting, I felt the pressure build and build
At the end there was silence and I attempted gnosis (still imperfect)
In the moment I achieved it there was a distinct sense of otherness and a disembodied voice whispered in my ear: B-A-A-OR-AT-AA

Kabbalistic cross, drew pentacles in all four corners, imagined them spinning around me.  Closed the book, blew out the candle.

8.23-9.07pm MMM shavasana/stillness/breathing
Breath still getting easier, nose was itchy.  Didn't want to come out of trance.

9.11-9.26 pm Padmasana/Mantra
Easier to focus tonight, Pauline was in and out which was a little jarring.  Muscle in front of left leg on the tibia side started to ache for the last 10 minutes of my seat.

relevant result

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