Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 Tuesday

5.59-6.16 Padmasana/Mantra
broke early due to intense intestinal distress.
You can't spell intense without intestine
2 breaks for sneezing

6.20-8.07 Hatha Yoga

-Janu Sirsasana Left, Right
-Pavritta Janu Sirsasana Left, Right
-Upavistha Konasana
(the above x3)

-Baddha Padmasana right side
-Janusirsana with Ardhabaddhapadmasana Left, right

-Hands and knees Ardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Hands and knees Parvrittardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Uthitta Balasana

-High Lunge Left, Right
-Konasana Left, Right
-Pavrittatrikonasana Left, Right
-Lizard Posture (utthan pristhasana) Left, Right
-One armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga dandasana
-Vashishthasana variation with leg raise Left, Right
-Camatkarasana (wild thing) Left, Right

-Uthitta Tadasana
-Virabhadrasana 1 Left, Right
-Rotated Lateral Flank Left, Right
-One Armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga Dandasana
-Twisted Cobra (shashankpralasana)

-Agnisarkriya (standing, flapping on the last 3)
-Mayurasana (extended)

-Extended bridge
-Chakrasana x2
-Extended bridge
-Reclining twist

-Sirsasana (tilted on the forehead)
-Plough hands on feet
-Plough hands extended behind

-Suptapadangustasana Left, Right

During practice an old feeling of hopelessness began to well up.  It was quashed with inversions.

As the dog star rises over the pyramids

9.00-10.30 Red Rite
18 hands
Pilgrim x3
Horseman x3
-finally remembered the horseman form correctly

10.30-11.00 sigil writing for specific success in marriage

11.30-3.30 Ritual Savage Mill
Performed Bornless ritual and took photos to charge sigil in Savage Mill ruins.
kabbalistic cross
ritual recital
null-gnosis while staring at sigils
recitation of barbarous names on sigils
kabbalistic cross

There are brand new "no trespassing" signs on everything.  A little nervous about that, but maintained concentration in that charged state pretty well.  It's hot and humid, Maryland.
Pauline said that halfway through my recitation things started to fall from the ruins above and she was a little nervous that I was bringing the whole place down.  I'd say it qualifies as a success in that case.

Burned the sigils a little way up the path leading away from the main ruins toward the great stone wall.

8.57-9.42 MMM Shavasana/Stillness/Breathing
breath very labored initially, almost perfect at the end.  Yawning for the first time

9.45-10.00 Padmasana/Mantra
still yawning, too tired to make it further

relevant result

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