Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, Monday

6.31-6.51 Padmasana/Mantra
-I feel too self referential

7.00-8.51 Hatha Yoga

-Janu Sirsasana Left, Right

-Pavritta Janu Sirsasana Left, Right
-Upavistha Konasana
(the above x3)

-Baddha Padmasana right side
-Janusirsana with Ardhabaddhapadmasana Left, right

-Hands and knees Ardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Hands and knees Parvrittardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Uthitta Balasana

-High Lunge Left, Right
-Konasana Left, Right
-Pavrittatrikonasana Left, Right
-Lizard Posture (utthan pristhasana) Left, Right
-One armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga dandasana
-Vashishthasana variation with leg raise Left, Right
-Camatkarasana (wild thing) Left, Right

-Uthitta Tadasana
-Virabhadrasana 1 Left, Right
-Rotated Lateral Flank Left, Right
-One Armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga Dandasana
-Twisted Cobra (shashankpralasana)

-Agnisarkriya (standing, flapping on the last 3)
-Mayurasana (extended)

-Extended bridge
-Chakrasana x2
-Extended bridge
-Reclining twist

-Sirsasana (tilted on the forehead)
-Plough hands on feet
-Plough hands extended behind

-Suptapadangustasana Left, Right

-went fron "I don't know how much longer I can stay in this skin" to holding the germ of that and "Fuck yes I can kil this day!" at the same time.

17. Sui, following. Stay firm and correct (keep practicing).  Situation evolves slowly, gaining ground.

transforming into:

25. WuWang, the unexpected.  Stay centered, great progress.

Complete OLLI form tomorrow

9.05 Sigil writing
"Pockets jingle and the great work can continue"

9.30-10.30 Red Rite
18 hands
Pilgrim x3
Horseman x3
Bostaff extension x 3 (10 breaths)

10.30 Liber E tarot guessing
The object of this exercise is to guess the card before turning it over.  Allegedly, with practice the ability to do this improves.

Temperance =/ the wheel
4 of swords =/ Justice
The world =/Ace of Wands (related)
7 of swords =/ Knight of pentacles
5 of wands =/king of swords
9 of pentacles =/ 2 of cups
3 of wands =/ hanged man
9 of swords =/3 of pentacles
chariot =/ queen of pentacles
ace of cups =/ 9 of cups (same suit)
tower =/ knight of cups
chariot =/ the high priestess
4 of wands =/death
hermit =/ 10 of cups
7 of disks =/ chariot
7 of cups =/ 9 of pentacles
strength =/ the hierophant
temperance =/ 10 of swords
4 of swords =/ 7 of wands
4 of wands =/ 3 of swords
the world =/ page of swords
7 of cups =/ 8 of pentacles

0 right, some were related

9.09-9.54 Liber MMM shavasana/breathing/stillness
Breathing much easier tonight.  Feel some small progress. Deep in the middle the ceiling fan's cord striking the fan registered as a flash of lightning in my body

10.01-10.15 Padmasana/mantra
Broke early, allergies have rendered me exhausted, there is no profit to be gained from falling asleep whilst sitting up.
-Had a vision that moved: of a man's arm in a suit like he was drawing attention to each box on an assembly line as it moved past.

relevant results

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