Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10 Sunday

6.50-7.10 Padmasana/Mantra
-Some breaks, generally getting better
-Breaks about: the rest of the day, work, etc.
-Finished 1 minute early, way better than yesterday.

8.00 Qi-Gong for banishing
-Moving Clouds Make Rain x3
-Lift the moon x4
-Heaven Chi x 4
-Slow Bear x5
-Middle Pillar x6

9.30-11.00 Taught Hatha Yoga/Qi Gong

Going to Middlebury

After Journaling a wild melancholy set in.

9.08-9.53pm  MMM Shavasana
-Exhalation very difficult tonight
-I don't feel confident
-Maybe my ego is starting to be undone?
-Maybe I am shedding what isn't needed?
-Am I losing my mind?
-Best to persist
-Nose itched so much, broke discipline to scratch, next time I'll just cut it off.  Dry throat caused several hard swallows, also distracting

10.01-10.21 Padmasana/Mantra
-Maybe I'm just having an allergic reaction
-I am shedding something! Can hardly breathe

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