Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13 Wednesday

6.30-6.50 Padmasana/Mantra
Smelled that baby powder hospital smell, has no source.  Got stronger the deeper I went.

7.00-8.50 Hatha Yoga

Janu Sirsasana Left, Right

-Pavritta Janu Sirsasana Left, Right
-Upavistha Konasana
(the above x3)

-Baddha Padmasana right side
-Janusirsana with Ardhabaddhapadmasana Left, right

-Hands and knees Ardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Hands and knees Parvrittardhadhanurasana Left, right
-Uthitta Balasana

-High Lunge Left, Right
-Konasana Left, Right
-Pavrittatrikonasana Left, Right
-Lizard Posture (utthan pristhasana) Left, Right
-One armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga dandasana
-Vashishthasana variation with leg raise Left, Right
-Camatkarasana (wild thing) Left, Right

-Uthitta Tadasana
-Virabhadrasana 1 Left, Right
-Rotated Lateral Flank Left, Right
-One Armed Plank (6 breaths) Left, Right
-Chaturanga Dandasana
-Twisted Cobra (shashankpralasana)

-Agnisarkriya (standing, flapping on the last 3)
-Mayurasana (extended)

-Extended bridge
-Chakrasana x2
-Extended bridge
-Reclining twist

-Sirsasana (tilted on the forehead)
-Plough hands on feet
-Plough hands extended behind

-Suptapadangustasana Left, Right

In shoulderstand I could see my pulse on the top of both feet, felt quite strongly there.  When I came down I could feel the blood pleasantly and warmly rushing to my feet.
In agni sara, laughter welled up and was uncontrollable.

9.00-9.30 Liber EEE tarot trick, only disk, cup, sword or trump
28 correct out of 78=36%
tough, got court cards and trumps confused often.  Maybe next time I'll add court cards.  Speed seems to be the key.  The faster I came up with an answer the more likely it would be correct.  Slower=brain interference.

9.00-9.51 pm Liber MMM shavasana/stillness/breath
Breathing much easier tonight.
Found myself awash in the feeling of inadequacy and failure, pointlessness.  I am all too familiar with these feelings.
Saw them wash away, mostly.
Feel much better now, realized how awful of a use of energy they are.
I think they were engendered by feeling like work is too stressful and the failure of getting a tai-chi class/yoga class up and running in Burlington
How silly it seems now

10.00-10.20 Padmasana/Mantra
Still indolent later in meditation
Attempted some deep breathing, closer to Liber MMM, seemed distracting, but it may be the ticket.

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